Waste no space

with optimized box selection

Stop guessing shipping costs and what packaging material to use. Always select the right box to load in with BoxLoading.


200.000 packages

planned daily

450.000 tonnes

optimized weekly

0,3 seconds

average calculation time


Excellent for


Don't you hate it when you get something from an online store and the packaging is far too large for the product? We're here to help you ensure that never happens with shipments from you.

  • Reduce package sizes and shipping costs
  • Save CO2 on every order
  • Accurately calculate freight cost on checkout

Trusted Worldwide

Get your packaging right

Gain control of your outbound packages. Our API-first software will find the most efficent solution to pack your products.

  • Saves CO2 and money by shipping less air
  • Optimizes your packaging in milliseconds
  • Supports boxes, pallets, trailers, containers and a lot more

Seamless integration

From the moment a customer reaches checkout, you will already know what type of packaging that will fit their order. No manual steps need to be taken.

  • Accurate forecasting

    Forecast shipping costs with a higher accuracy, and reduce guesswork.

  • Stateless

    Nothing is saved in our database. Your transactions with your customers are not our business. Just how they are packaged.

  • Blazingly fast

    Calculating the perfect packaging is a difficult problem. BoxLoading is so fast you won't even know we're there.

Use our simple API

We're a bunch of developers at BoxLoading, and we know the frustration of incomplete and confusing integrations. We're not that. We're proud to deliver something simple, yet useful.

  • Simple API for quick integrations

    Get BoxLoading plugged in and running within a few hours. Not days or weeks.

  • Clear Documentation

    Plentyful of examples for almost every scenario.

  • Fast Response Times

    Our average response time is a fairly impressive 300ms for an NP-complete problem, but our median time is actually a lot quicker.

  • Built on Cargo-Planner engine

    BoxLoading utilizes the Cargo-Planner engine, which has been trusted by the largest forwarders, manufacturers and airlines since 2015.

API Example
response: { boxes: [ {name: "Box L (59x40x37)",weight: 2.9,items: [ "A","B"],items_in_box: 2}]}

It's pretty obvious you've thought of everything before. The learning curve is quite small and it's very well documented. We managed to get SAP integrations done in under 4 days with a senior ABAP consultant.

Fatih Aslan
SAP System Manager at EAE Elektrik

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